About the Drivers.

Eric and Lacrecia Beurrier moved to Lake Havasu City, AZ from Las Vegas, NV in 2003. They moved here to be closer to family. Eric's dad, step-mom and step sisters all live in town and Lacrecia's parents do also. Eric was a commercial electrician in Las Vegas before moving here. He really got into the off road scene in Havasu and found that he has great talent for fabrication. Lacrecia is a flight nurse and on her off days she works at the shop. They have a 9 year old son and Eric has a 14 year old daughter that resides in Las Vegas.

They started the Side X Side business in January of 2006. One of their friends bought a Rhino and asked Eric to build him a cage. Someone saw it and wanted one, and before you know it they opened Rockstar Custom Motorsports doing custom fabrication of all type of off road vehicles, particularly side x sides.

Eric and Lacrecia love the sand dunes in Glamis. They also play here in the desert and enjoy rock crawling with their Samurai/Toyota rock crawler. They love the desert and couldn't imagine a more perfect business than to help people build their off road dream car. A lot of customers have become friends and they frequently play in the desert with them.

Racing for a Cause.

Rockstar Custom Motorsports participated in the MORE Race For The Cure in October 2008. All proceeds went to the Cedar Sianai Breast Cancer Foundation. The event rose over $115,000 for the cause. There were over 180 cars entered in the race, everything from trophy trucks, to stock VW's, to Side X Sides. The race teams were all women.

Although Lacrecia had never raced before, she entered the race for the cause. Lacrecia was the driver and Kristen Stewart was her co-driver. They were to make as many laps on the 23 mile course as they could in 4 hours.

Although Lacrecia's only goal was to finish the race, she exceeded that by a long shot. They completed 5 laps and finished behind a couple of well experienced race girls. The girls finished 4th place out of 10 Side X Sides with a Rhino built by Rockstar Custom Motorsports.

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